About me

Photo of David E Jones

I’m a web developer with a passion for problem solving. With a background of over 6 years of experience on a wide variety of projects i’ve had the opportunity to work on some of the most intresting and unique sites around. During this time i’ve enjoyed working with clients such as Virgin Atlantic, Tina Arena, GuilFest Music Festival, Round & Red Creative, Holy Cow Fine Indian Food, Vendetta Arts, Jewellery By Mirza and many many more.

At a young age not unlike many young people i had no real direction as to what i wanted my occupation to be only that it should involve computers. In time this grew into an interest in design and websites until an opportunity arose that allowed me to work as a designer at an up and coming website design company in london and i haven’t looked back since.

My work now primarily involves building html/php websites using various technologies, developing interactive sites, content managed systems, bespoke development, extensions for known website products and more

Please see my portfolio for examples of the kind of work i have done in the past or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me