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Posted by davidejones

I’ve been working with coldfusion for a little while now and recently needed to output some json from a query object and quickly. Rather than using some cfc or some other code to do it i threw this together. Which will take the field names of the coldfusion queryobject and its values and output a json string.

	pagesqry = QueryNew("id, title, content");

	newRow = QueryAddRow(pagesqry);
	QuerySetCell(pagesqry, "id", 1 );
	QuerySetCell(pagesqry, "title", "Home Page" );
	QuerySetCell(pagesqry, "content", "This is the homepage" );

	newRow = QueryAddRow(pagesqry);
	QuerySetCell(pagesqry, "id", 2 );
	QuerySetCell(pagesqry, "title", "About Us" );
	QuerySetCell(pagesqry, "content", "This is the about us page" );

<cfset json = '{'/>
<cfset json = json & '"pages":['/>
<cfloop query="pagesqry">
	<cfset json = json & '{'/>
	<cfloop list="#ArrayToList(pagesqry.getColumnNames())#" index="col">
		<cfset json = json & '"#col#":"#pagesqry[col][currentrow]#",'/>
	<cfset json = left(json,len(json)-1) />
	<cfset json = json & '},'/>
<cfset json = left(json,len(json)-1) />
<cfset json = json & ']'/>
<cfset json = json & '}'/>


I’ve just created a dummy queryobject for use obviously you can query the database or use a query on a query etc.
This is the output it gave me, you can run it throuh to see its valid.

    "pages": [
            "id": "1",
            "title": "Home Page",
            "content": "This is the homepage"
            "id": "2",
            "title": "About Us",
            "content": "This is the about us page"

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3 Responses to coldfusion queryobject to json


This is the solution I’ve been trying to find for days. Coldfusion’s default json serialization is very frustrating. Thanks for this excellent solution.


David, the article is very insightful!

So, does it mean that you can generate any type of json structure by modifying the cf code?.

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