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I’ve been working with coldfusion for a little while now and recently needed to output some json from a query object and quickly. Rather than using some cfc or some other code to do it i threw this together. Which will take the field names of the coldfusion queryobject and its values and output a json string.

	pagesqry = QueryNew("id, title, content");

	newRow = QueryAddRow(pagesqry);
	QuerySetCell(pagesqry, "id", 1 );
	QuerySetCell(pagesqry, "title", "Home Page" );
	QuerySetCell(pagesqry, "content", "This is the homepage" );

	newRow = QueryAddRow(pagesqry);
	QuerySetCell(pagesqry, "id", 2 );
	QuerySetCell(pagesqry, "title", "About Us" );
	QuerySetCell(pagesqry, "content", "This is the about us page" );

<cfset json = '{'/>
<cfset json = json & '"pages":['/>
<cfloop query="pagesqry">
	<cfset json = json & '{'/>
	<cfloop list="#ArrayToList(pagesqry.getColumnNames())#" index="col">
		<cfset json = json & '"#col#":"#pagesqry[col][currentrow]#",'/>
	<cfset json = left(json,len(json)-1) />
	<cfset json = json & '},'/>
<cfset json = left(json,len(json)-1) />
<cfset json = json & ']'/>
<cfset json = json & '}'/>


I’ve just created a dummy queryobject for use obviously you can query the database or use a query on a query etc.
This is the output it gave me, you can run it throuh to see its valid.

    "pages": [
            "id": "1",
            "title": "Home Page",
            "content": "This is the homepage"
            "id": "2",
            "title": "About Us",
            "content": "This is the about us page"

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This is the solution I’ve been trying to find for days. Coldfusion’s default json serialization is very frustrating. Thanks for this excellent solution.

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