I’m always interested in trying new concepts and ideas in the web industry and expanding my knowlege of the way technology works. This sections shows some of the projects i am currently working on or am involved with. If you have something that you would like to colloraborate on with me then please do get in touch via the contact page.

Crafty Merge Blender

A blender script to merge the uv and textures of 2 .obj files exported from nems tool crafty ( one obj exported with textures one exported with lightmaps


jquery reveal plugin

As part of my css experimentation with animation I created a jquery plugin to achieve the same goal. Sliding and revealing of images places adjacently.


Blender addon for alternativa3d

The alternativa3d library is something i’ve dabbled with for some time over the last few years. This is a python addon i created that works with the 3d software blender to allow you to import/export actionscript and .a3d files from 3d models to be used with the alternativa3d.


Dribbble datasource for cakephp

This is a datasource i created for the cakephp framework that allows you to easily retrieve dribbble shots, rebounds and favourites from the dribbble api.