About Me

My name is David Jones and I’m a Software Engineer living in the UK.

Accustomed to being around computers, I was always digging into what they can do from an early age. This curiosity and the ability to create something from a few lines of code has led me to a career in software engineering where I’ve been building websites and more for over 15 years.

My web development journey began early, my self-taught knowledge launched me into a position at a high street web design agency that allowed me to learn on the job and complete a computer science degree. In later years, my career evolved from working for small self starters to in house design and development teams to founding my own company in 2019 to now working for one of the largest monitoring solutions in the industry.

I’m an avid gamer and game developer enthusiast, with interests in data compression, reverse engineering and design patterns. Problem solving is something I thrive on and have a thirst for new technologies and programming languages.

When I’m not behind a computer, I love to travel! I’ve spent many years living and working in the United States and now that I’ve returned to the UK I enjoy spending time with my family finding castles to visit and movies to watch.


I have a wide interest in technology, but my industry expertise has been largely focused around Full Stack Development. Some of my more recent relevant technologies are:

  • Static site generators, Hugo, Gatsby
  • Node, JavaScript, jQuery, React, Angular, Web Components
  • Python, GoLang
  • MySQL, Postgres
  • AWS, GCP, Terraform

Example Work

Looking for real world examples of my work? Take a look at my github profile to see what i’m working on right now.

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