alternativa blender plugin update 2.56

David Jones

Ok i figured i would just make a new blog post for this, i have updated the alternativa3d export script for blender so that it now works from version 2.56, i also fixed a bug where it was adding a duplicated word “new”. Enjoy :) Download Alternativa3d Exporter for Blender version 2.56 EDIT: Due to a few requests i have put up the files used in this example to help anyone out. Download box blender example


  • avatar-chris
    # Chris
    Thanks :D
  • avatar-davidejones
    # davidejones
    I’ve added an example file for you guys as some people have requested it.
  • avatar-mehdadoo
    # Mehdadoo
    You won’t believe how it eases workflow from bledner to a flash game. Also, i used your add-on as a template for creating a level editor in blender.
    • avatar-davidejones
      # davidejones
      Yea you gotta love blender. Oh really, i’d love to see this level editor? Also did you have any luck with the xml position you emailed me about?
  • avatar-xiao198304
    # xiao198304
    Thanks ! good work!!
    • avatar-davidejones
      # davidejones

      Thanks :)

      I’ll try and do another update when blender next updates

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