Blender Alternativa Addon

David Jones

It has become a bit of a mess keeping track of my blender addon for alternativa. I had been developing and posting updates in my blog for various different versions. Even i got lost which post was which! So i have decided to move my addon over to google project hosting, i did look into github but my preference was google dont ask me why. So here it is if you have any bugs or comments or want to contribute in anyway feel free to do so or email me. In fact i’ve solved quite a few bugs thanks to feedback from users. I’m currently working on including the .a3d format and options for export with the v8 geometry, so keep your eyes open for that.


  • avatar-sindney
    # sindney
    Hi, that’s so cool. Keep it up dude :D
  • avatar-davidejones
    # davidejones
    Thanks :) i’ve got an update in the works just haven’t had time to finalize it yet so check back soon

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