creating a skybox with alternativa 7

With the release of alternativa 7 there is a nice and easy way to setup a skybox around your model using the SkyBox class. So in order to set this up you are going to need 6 images left, right, back, front, bottom, top these are simply going to be images that are used on the inside walls of a cube. I actually used some free skybox images i found over at turbosquid Once you have all the images all you really need to do is create the class assign the size and textures and then add it to the container.

//create our skybox
var left:TextureMaterial = new TextureMaterial(new skyleft(0,0));
var right:TextureMaterial = new TextureMaterial(new skyright(0,0));
var back:TextureMaterial = new TextureMaterial(new skyback(0,0));
var front:TextureMaterial = new TextureMaterial(new skyfront(0,0));
var bottom:TextureMaterial = new TextureMaterial(new skybtm(0,0));
var top:TextureMaterial = new TextureMaterial(new skytop(0,0));
sbox = new SkyBox(3000,left,right,back,front,bottom,top,0);


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