Email Marketing Html Tables Vs Css

I have been doing the occasional email newsletter that is sent out to festival fans or musician fans or even businesses promoting sales or new services. Now this isn’t something i do regularly and infact i haven’t done one for months but it dawned on me today that i am far out of date with the latest techniques in creating these. You see i was taught long ago in the time of tables by a very talented designer. In fact he taught me everything i know about how tables work and their little quirks. This information is somewhat lost nowadays with the use of css, which has without doubt made all our lives easier. This information however is still how i create email newsletters to this day, with literally no css just regular old school html and font tags. In the back of my mind i really want to be doing it a different way but i don’t. It has become like my dirty secret that know one knows about because who really bothers to check the source code of emails they recieve? certainly not the client. Not only that but i can create pretty much any newsletter in about 5mins by dragging a few tables in dreamweaver and dropping in images and text and not have to worry about the compatibility of css in different email clients. I would shudder at the thought of doing this for a website as these methods have long since died but is it such a bad thing to do for email marketing? What do you think, am i mad?


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