Switching hosting on large websites

Usually moving a website to another server i just ftp download the site and any database and then ftp to the new server upload it all and then switch the nameservers Its not very often i need to do it any other way, but recently i had to move an extremely large website and our internet connection in the office wasn’t the greatest So i ended up using ssh and a different method to speed up the process. 1. upload a holding page to the current website. 2. SSH into the current website 3. Create a mysql dump of the database using the following mysqldump -h DBSERVER -u DBUSER -p DBNAME > DBNAME.sql 3. zip up website using the following command tar -cpzf filename.tar.gz * 4. SSH into the new website server 5. download the zip file, using wget http://www.thecurrentwebsite.com/filename.tar.gz 6. extract the site into the root of htdocs using the following command tar -xzf filename.tar.gz (note using -p will extract using preserved permissions) 7. import the mysql dump using the following mysql -u DBUSER -p -h DBSERVER dbname < dbname.sql 8. using a test domain to see the site on the new server and configure and test. 9. Once tested and satisfied it is working and all emails etc are setup then switch dns/nameservers.


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