Wordpress 3.2.1 Insufficient Requirements

David Jones

Having problems installing wordpress because it requires mysql version 5 or higher and your server is running version 4? You might want to try this little trick to get things up and running. Open the wp-includes\version.php file and change the $required_mysql_version to ‘4.0’ or the version you actually have installed on your server like so:

     * Holds the required MySQL version
     * @global string $required_mysql_version
$required_mysql_version = '4.0';

You might be asking yourself will this screw over my wordpress? the short answer is no. Here is a statement I found by Andrew Nacin a wordpress developer on their website in relation to the version 5 requirement.

The primary goal of bumping the requirement was to reduce our areas of test coverage. WordPress will currently work under 4.x, but we’re not supporting it, and we won’t guarantee it’ll work in the future.

So basically at this moment there is nothing that is being used that mysql 4 cannot handle. However I cannot speak for any plugins or versions greater than 3.2.1 so use this at your own risk! So far I have had no adverse effects using this little trick have you?


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